Transistor Now Available on Apple TV

TransistorApple TV isn’t something that many gamers have their eyes on purely for passing away time on their favourite hobby, but it looks like the platform might be a little more capable than we thought.

Transistor, the fantastic Isometric Action RPG by Bastion creators Supergiant Games, won many awards last year and now even more people can learn why it’s so great as the game is now available on Apple TV.

While it still doesn’t really make the Apple TV much more appealing to gamers, for anyone who purchased the title on iOS, whether iPad or iPhone, will get the Apple TV version of the game for free, and if it gets more people to play the game then all the better!

The Apple TV release also has a new bonus track called “She Shines” from the amazing soundtrack composed by Darren Korb, who in my opinion is one of the best composers in the gaming industry today.

Features that come with the release on Apple TV include full Siri Remote functionality for playing the game. You can also use an MFi controller for the “full console experience.” Also, thanks to that black magic known as the cloud, you can continue your saves on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV, so you can keep moving forward whenever you get the urge to play.

Transistor is an amazing game, and while I wouldn’t personally use an Apple TV to play it, I urge you all to give it a go however you can!

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