Top selling games of 2016, according to NPD

call of duty cod infinite warfare chart gamesEvery month in the US, the NPD figures show us what games are selling, similar to what we cover weekly in the UK charts. The market research group recently released figures for the whole of 2016, giving us a glimpse of what were the key sellers, and how trends compare to the previous year.

While there has been an increase in revenue across the board, climbing to $30.4 billion in 2016 from $30.2 in 2015, sales on console hardware have in actual fact, dropped in the past year. Sure, there are a lot of us who have already invested in our consoles and gaming devices but there are always new players entering the game.

Software itself made¬†$24.5bn, which was a billion more than in 2015. This is accumulated through digital sales, season passes, add-ons and more. There’s loads of the latter these days, isn’t there?

As for the games, the top sellers of 2016 are as follows, and with Call of Duty having two entries in the top 10, well, that says enough about how happy Activision might feel.

1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Activision
2. Battlefield 1, EA
3. The Division, Ubisoft
4. NBA 2K17, 2K Games
5. Madden NFL 17, EA
6. Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar
7. Overwatch, Blizzard
8. Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Activision
9. FIFA 17, EA
10. Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix

[Source: NPD]

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