Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 launch trailer ends in a bail

tony hawk's pro skater 5Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 has launched in the US, with a European release coming on October 2nd. A new launch trailer has been released to springboard the game up a half pipe, but it seems fans and critics are already calling it a bail of a release.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 includes eight brand-new levels, with two additional stages and five bonus skaters coming in future updates for free. Players can also build their own twisted skateparks from an arsenal of more than 250 ramps, rails, objects, and more, giving fans the tools to fully flex their creative muscles. Once finished, parks can be shared with the community through the cloud, giving skaters a steady supply of player-designed and curated content to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the included tracks are reportedly dire and lacking in any interesting feature. One or two individuals suggested that the tracks may have been built using the in-game creator tool. Gone are the maps like the hangar from Tony Hawk’s 2 or the airport terminal from Tony Hawk’s 3. Or was that THPS2 as well? I honestly can’t remember.

Destructoid point out that the game is a glitchy mess, Techno Buffalo report that the game’s install size is a relatively minute 4.6GB, and the day one patch, get this, is 7.7GB. Bigger than the actual game. There’s an awful lack of content for the money you’re handing over, which is a full priced title as well. Our advice, hold onto your funds for the time being folks. Wait for some solid reviews before investing.

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