Tony Hawk’s 5 20 player Multiplayer / None for last gen

tony hawk's 5Join the skate park that never closes, with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, which was announced before E3, and has now been given a release date of September 29th on current gen, and holiday time for last gen platforms.

The real seller for Tony Hawk’s 5, will be the return of the classic enclosed levels we grew up loving. The idea of an open world setting has been dropped, and instead, we get levels akin to what we loved most about the franchise. You will be able to skate around as you fondly remember, performing manuals, reverts, high scoring tricks, and collecting items around the maps. Just like old times.

As well as that, Tony Hawk’s 5 will allow for 20 player online multiplayer, allowing you to drop in and out of online skate sessions, and hang out with your friends if you so wish. Take part in multiplayer events, and prove who the best skater in town is.

Unfortunately, for last gen fans who have yet to upgrade, you will not have access to any form of online multiplayer. It seems Activision and Robomodo don’t want to switch on servers for the game, so if you want to play with your friends, now is the time to invest in a new system!

For those on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you will be able to create your very own skateparks and share them with your friends. It won’t be long before we will see fan-made classics from yesteryear, reliving our old favourites on the new consoles. Hopefully Tony Hawk’s 5 brings the series back to what it truly was, and with an epic soundtrack promised too, we can’t wait to hear more!

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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