Tomb Raider Special Limited Edition Posters

Tomb Raider poster 1Microsoft and Crystal Dynamics have announced that they will be rolling out some cool special limited edition posters of Tomb Raider in the lead-up to the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The first poster, which you can see below, shows Lara Croft overwhelmed by a bear and a large pack of wolves, and it looks beautiful with its comic book style. The poster was designed and drawn by comic book artist Geod Darrow (Hard Boiled) and will be the first of a series of four posters, with the other artists including Frank Kozik, La Boca, and Tara McPherson.

Rise of the Tomb Raider PosterAccording to Xbox Wire, the poster is inspired by the games “tense woman-versus-wild nature.”

Artist Darrow said to Xbox:

“I wanted to place Lara in absolute danger. A pack of wild wolves wasn’t enough… so I figured she should fight a giant bear, too. Just when you think it can’t get any worse for her, I put her on the edge of a cliff. But she’s a superhero, and immortal. Even though Lara is in the most extreme situation imaginable, you know she’s going to going to live to tell the tale.”

Originally there were more wolves in the picture, but Darrow pulled it back a bit in order to “bring her character into focus more.”

Autographed copies were available Friday at San Diego Comic Con, though it is unlikely they will be made available for this particular poster again.


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