Tom Clancy’s: The Division post-release content revealed

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionRecently, it was revealed that alongside the typical paid DLC, Tom Clancy’s: The Division will also receive free DLC, which is great news for those looking to pick the game up. But what about that dreaded Season Pass? What is it going to consist of? Well thankfully we now know thanks to an announcement from Ubisoft and as far as Season Pass’ go, it’s pretty standard. Three expansion packs, each bringing new gear, new locations and new types of gameplay.

Unfortunately, while Ubisoft have made an official announcement in regards to how many expansion packs they wish to launch, they’ve rather scrimped on the details. Giving only short summaries on the first two and a simple tease of the third, probably because it’s still early in development to be making *cough*more*cough* false promises. So here’s what we know so far.

The first expansion, titled Underground, is set in the dark dark underworld of New York City, the second expansion has been named “Survival” and will feature hostile environments that will apparently challenge even the most seasoned of the game’s players. Finally, we have the third expansion, which has been named “Last Stand”… And that’s all we know about that one, we suspect it has something to do with an easel of some description.

While we’re yet to have the following confirmed we think Tom Clancy's: The Divisionit’s highly likely that each of these expansions will also be available as individual purchases, with the Season Pass representing some form of bundle deal. Purchasing the Season Pass on launch day will also secure an exclusive sawed-off shotgun as well as a new outfit and some new weapon skins. Season Pass holders will also have access to monthly content drops.

Still unsure by this game? Well unfortunately you can’t get involved with the closed beta, which went live today on Xbox One. PS4 and PC gamer’s will get access tomorrow on the grounds that they’ve either pre-ordered the game or been selected to take part through registering their interest.

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