Tom Clancy’s: The Division beta will be the subject of pre-loading

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionAccording to an announcement via The Division’s French Facebook page, Tom Clancy’s: The Division will go up for pre-loading, 48 hours before the beta goes live, meaning if you’ve been itching to get your hands on the game, there will be no annoying waiting times once the servers go live. Which is obviously great news given it’s only live for the weekend.

It’s even better news when you consider that early reports suggest that the PC’s beta file size is a pretty sizeable 26GB. Assuming the console versions are equally large, the pre-loading news will without a doubt, please those with slower Internet connections. The Beta itself will begin on January 28th for Xbox One owners with PC and PS4 versions going live a day later on the PS4. The beta will run through until January Tom Clancy's: The Division31st giving players just a single weekend to experience the game ahead of its March 8th release date. Those who have pre-ordered the game will be the only members of the public with guaranteed access, everyone else can only sign up via the games official site (which at the time of writing isn’t working) and hope they’re granted access.

What strikes me about this story is that file size. 26GB does sound like a pretty impressive chunk of the game to go into beta. Obviously Ubisoft are looking for beta testers to have a pretty comprehensive experience of the full game and are looking to use that in the interest of building tension. Since the release of the PS4 and Xbox One we’ve seen a host of video games generate hype on par with the eagerly anticipated Tom Clancy’s: The Division to only then fail to impress when they launch. Hopefully an extensive look into what’s coming give players the insight they need to commit to a final purchase.

[Source: GamesRadar]

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