Tom Clancy’s Shadowbreak mobilizes…onto mobile

tom clancy's shadowbreakUbisoft have revealed a new mobile title called Shadowbreak, coming to phones and tablets this year. It’s hard to tell if the game is set in The Division’s universe, Ghost Recon or an entirely new one.  You’re an elite sniper (obviously, as who wants to play the role of a noob) and the game will focus on PvP battles.

“Lead the ShadowBreak squad as an elite sniper and battle players in real time PvP sniper combat! Plan your strategy, build your team and hunt your opponents in an immersive tactical shooter.

Strike at the heart of Shadow Nations. Pierce the darkness. Take the shot.”


“Building up a better squad comes down to earning reward crates through play. These keep you supplied with Cash, an in-game currency used for almost every transaction in ShadowBreak, as well as with specialized cards you can use to unlock and upgrade new guns, troops, and gear. Each gun comes with a different perk, and you can further augment your sniper with up to three Gear items, which can do things like reduce the glint from your scope in PvP matches, making you harder to spot when you’re taking aim. Additionally, your sniper’s appearance is customizable, letting you choose their face, gender, nationality, and outfits.”

tom clancy's shadowbreak

“We’re hoping to give our players new modes, units, weapons, arenas, and more to keep them engaged and competitive for quite some time. For us, this isn’t a one-and-done scenario. Our team is in this for the long haul,”

tom clancy's shadowbreak

The game is being tested in Canada as part of an open beta, but there’s no solid release date just yet.

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