Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege season pass detailed

Rainbow Six SiegeOkay, so this could get a little confusing. For those of you that didn’t already know, Ubisoft have already announced that Rainbow Six Siege will be getting a years worth of free content in the form of map packs and new characters will be released, free of charge bit by bit over the next twelve months. But they’re also giving the game a season pass, what you’ll be getting with it however has only just been announced.

The season pass itself is going to cost $30, owners can expect exclusive seven-day early access to new characters or “Operators” which are going to be added to the game post launch, these characters will be available without having to spend in-game currency (Renown) or any additional real world money, permanently. Furthermore, season pass owners will also receive a permanent five percent boost to any and all Renown gains, and will receive an additional two daily challenges on top of the ones everyone will get. Meaning considerably higher Renown gain from that of those of decide not to purchase the season pass. Also included is an exclusive weapon skin as well as the “Safari Bundle” which consists of another five animal themed weapon skins. Rainbow Six Siege

Four DLC packs will release over the course of next year following the games December 1st 2015 launch, these DLC packs will consist of the new characters and maps previously mentioned which will roll out free to everyone. The season pass also comes as part of the Gold and Collector’s Editions of the game, alternatively it can be purchased as a standalone add-on.

The worry is that it does sound like purchasing the season pass will put players at somewhat of an advantage over those who decide to steer clear of the purchase. Early access is great, people want to invest more in the game should be rewarded for their commitment. But giving them additional opportunities to earn in-game currency will only be fair if the currency cannot be used to purchase game-changing items like additional weapons or perks. While I have personally yet to experience Rainbow Six Siege it does look like a great game, an experience I’d really enjoy. I just have to hope that Ubisoft keep it as balanced as possible between players who do, and do not purchase the season pass.

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