Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands new trailer

ghost recon wildlandsOne game that has remained in the dark since its announcement at E3 last year was Ghost Recon Wildlands by Ubisoft. The trailer debuted right at the end of Ubisoft’s media briefing, and it looked amazing. But what happened? Where did it go? 2016 is the year for Wildlands, and here’s a new trailer to get you excited all over again.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is an ambitious looking open world title, allowing up to four friends to co-operatively attack enemy strongholds and objectives any way they desire. Go in guns blazing, or take out security and power to blind them before you begin your assault.

Wildlands features loads of vehicles for traversing Bolivia, where the game will be set. From helicopters to jeeps, all terrain vehicles and scrambler motorcycles; players have a nice selection of transport options at their disposal, and then there’s the drones. Use drones to scout out any positions, find weaknesses in the enemy stronghold’s defence and spot targets for your marksman to take out.

The original E3 2015 trailer below shows the different methods used to attack the same objective, with the Ghosts trying to take down ‘White Hat’ and his drug cartel. The trailer also boasted a massive open world, but hopefully it is in fact massive. Seeing the variation of terrain and locales in the trailers does make it look big, but are they individual maps that must be loaded up from the main menu, or is it in fact one big open world environment? We should hopefully find out at E3 this year.

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