TMNT Mutants in Manhattan gameplay trailer

tmnt mutants in manhattanPlatinum Games’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title is looking awesome. At GDC this week, many had a chance to check out the game and get a feel for it. The reception it is receiving so far is rather positive, and as well as a bodacious new gameplay trailer, we also have a release date for TMNT Mutants in Manhattan.

TMNT supports 4 player online co-op, but it’s being reported that there’s no sight of local couch co-op which may be a bit of a downer on the title. Maybe it makes sense, with the game world being rather big and open, and without creating invisible walls, Platinum probably want to give players a bit of freedom to navigate the city.

Combat is said to be straight forward with a jump button and two attack buttons. On top of that, each Turtle has their own skills and abilities and you can use these by holding down a trigger and selecting a power from a selection wheel during combat. Each power has a cool down meter before you can use it again. One description of the game so far has been in comparison to Sunset Overdrive, in terms of the ability to grind on rails across the maps. One of the previously leaked Achievements offers a challenge of grinding for 300 feet, although this might be in total as opposed to in one go. The list certainly indicates a lot of traversing and exploration, with collectibles to find and stuff to save and transport.

TMNT Mutants in Manhattan will be available on May 24th in the US, and on the 27th in Europe, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Cowabunga!

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