Titanfall Online will release in South Korea

titanfall onlineA rather surprising piece of news today is the reveal of Titanfall Online, an online only version of Titanfall set to release next year in South Korea. Similar to the Call of Duty Online title, it will allow players to play the game online and spend money on microtransactions to unlock in-game content.

Releasing as a collaboration between EA, Respawn and Nexon, the game will be available in beta form between December 15th and December 21st. Some gameplay and imagery were sent to Kotaku who posted the article today.

It’s unlikely it will release in any way for consoles, similarly to Call of Duty Online which is played on PC, but if anything, it’s a good workaround for the fact that Titanfall 1 can’t actually release on PlayStation 4, due to contractual agreement between Microsoft and EA. The footage clearly shows maps and content from the first game, even the Titans in the imagery above and below resemble those we’re very familiar with.

titanfall online titans

[Source: Kotaku]

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