Titanfall 2 stirs up the rumor mill

Titanfall 2Very little has been said in relation to EA’s upcoming sequel to the highly regarded Titanfall since the game was announced via a teaser trailer some weeks ago, and credit where credit is due EA and developer Respawn Entertainment have managed to keep any and all secrets locked behind closed doors. Until now that is. Recently rumors have emerged regarding some of Titanfall 2’s features and gameplay mechanics and while we’re excited to hear them, we are of course urging fans to remember, this is pure speculation and until we hear any announcements, should be treated as just simple hear-say.

The rumors emerged on the Titanfall subreddit from a user claiming to be close to Respawn Entertainment. The post shared details of the game along with a very legit looking piece of artwork to help add a bit of credibility to their claims. So, here’s what we now know courtesy of the leak. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 will allegedly add a new mechanic to Titanfall’s already fast paced movement; Grappling Hooks are reportedly coming to Titanfall 2 giving pilots all new ways to transverse maps, which according to the leak will also be larger. According to the Reddit post, the hooks will be used to aid free-running and getting in to your Titan but they can also be used to pull off those more creative kills, such as yanking an enemy Pilot out of mid-air before taking him, or her, down.

The poster also claims that Titanfall 2 will launch in October, supporting previous rumors that the game will be launching late in the year and will be featured to promote this years line of “Game Fuel” Mountain Dew soft drinks. The promotion will feature two new flavors, Mango Heat and Cherry Citrus marketed for the gaming public. However the soft drink rumor does somewhat hamstring the release window rumor, as history dictates that while the promotional drinks launch in October, the game they’re promoting usually follows in the next month. But then, that’s the whole idea behind promotional products, so who knows. Titanfall 2

And that’s really where I want to end this little report, EA and Respawn Entertainment are the only people who really know what’s planned for Titanfall 2. So while it’s easy to get on board the hype train with rumors like this, unless the source is confirmed as being legitimate we must remain reserved. After all, E3 2016 is just weeks away.

[Source: Polygon]

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