Titanfall 2 single player trailer revealed

titanfall 2 screenshotRespawn promised, and they kept their word, as they reveal the single player campaign for Titanfall 2. The trailer accidentally went live ahead of the official broadcast, so EA decided to get it out there for the fans to enjoy.

A rehearsal for EA’s upcoming press conference went live and some folks on NeoGaf managed to screenshot a few snaps from the trailer and even some footage in action. Below you can see the full 2 minute trailer in action, which is primarily narrated by a Titan, who seems to have a mind of his own and sounds coincidentally like Optimus Prime from Transformers. Come on, you can hear the resemblance too.

Titanfall 2’s release date has also been revealed, with a launch date of October 28th, which isn’t actually ‘within’ three weeks from Battlefield 1’s release date. Battlefield 1 releases on October 21st, meaning both triple A titles have a week between them.

What do you make of the Titanfall 2 trailer? Is it what you expected? Was it less than exciting? Let’s hope we see the multiplayer trailer in action later on during the live show.

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