Titanfall 2 server-side update detailed

titanfall 2In a post last week on the Titanfall 2 forums, developer Respawn Entertainment detailed a number of fixes that would have by now been patched into your game, on all platforms. The update rolled out last night, and below, you can see a number of fixes and adjustments to the fast-paced experience.

New content has already been teased for Titanfall 2, including a new game mode for multiplayer, which comes with two optimized maps for it, along with other non-confirmed goodies. Catch up on the tease here.

  • New logging to report player connection quality to help us track down reports of laggy games and disconnects.
  • Drastically reduced requirements for Match Loss Protection – Increased chance of not receiving a match loss for joining a game late that we do not expect you to win. When joining matches late if the game has progressed far enough you will see a message notifying you that you will not receive a loss.
  • Increased direct Pilot hit damage for Gravity Star.
  • Increased damage on the Flatline, R-97, Spitfire, L-Star, Double Take, EPG, and Thunderbolt.
  • Decreased damage on the Volt.
  • Regen no longer resets Pilot loadout names.
  • Assists count as Weapon XP again.
  • Nerfed Pilot Sentry.
  • Firestar will no longer display “Thermite Attached” if detonated on friendly Titans.
  • Fixed Ion Vortex Shield drain being framerate dependent.
  • Fixed bad AI navigation on Complex.
  • Fixed collision on Crashsite to prevent players from going into walls.
  • Fixed Legion Overcore not being available after using Smart Core.
  • Fixed “Fairfight category is incompatible”.
  • Fixed various stability issues.

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