Titanfall 2 – The Details

titanfall-2-logoYesterday marked another milestone for Respawn Entertainment as they finally revealed the sequel to the multi-award winning Titanfall. Take a few minutes to check out the new features and then let us know what you think.

In 2013 Titanfall was released on Xbox One and Origin (PC). The game sold very, very well but it didn’t quite last as long as Respawn would have hoped due to a lack of a single player campaign and because it failed to appeal to a large portion of gamers who are more concerned with playing Dress-Up with their characters (as if they are some sort of digital doll) than actual gameplay. This lead to a whole bunch of people taking out their pitch forks and slamming Titanfall on social media as they demanded more options for customisation. There certainly was a noticeable lack of choice for weapons in the ambitious new IP but I was able forgive that because the weapons in the game were beautifully balanced aswell as the actual Titans themselves.

Now that I have that out of my system, let’s move on to what you’re really here to read about – Titanfall 2.
For the longest time on various social media websites, fans of the first game were itching for their fix of information of the much anticipated follow-up. Over the last few days, that’s exactly what we got. Let’s have a look!

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Notable New Features

  • Single Player Campaign
  • 6 Titans
  • New Weapons
  • Grapple Hook
  • No Titan Shields
  • Earn Titans With Kills
  • Thermite
  • Slide Attacks

But what else is there I should know?

  • All maps and game mode DLC’s will be free
  • The game releases October 28th on Xbox One, PS4, and Origin.
  • All maps and game mode DLC’s will be free
  • Possible cosmetic micro transactions
  • All maps and game mode DLC’s will be free.
  • There will be a special collectors edition….or 2…

It’s worth noting that Vince Zampella is not a fan of paid DLC as he feels it divides the community too much. Prior to the launch of Titanfall, he expressed his desire to not have paid map packs which has become the norm,  but he must have forgotten that he was pitching his idea of free map packs to EA and not to himself. What ever changed their minds this time round, we’ll never know. Maybe EA have seen how well it works for Halo. Or maybe Vince and the big wigs in EA just got really drunk and played Highest Card Wins. Who knows?

Check out the trailer for the hugely requested single player campaign below.

And here is the trailer the multiplayer.

Let us know what you think!

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