Titanfall 2 to release at the end of the year

Titanfall 2So apparently EA wanted to dominate the headlines today. More speculation regarding EA’s Titanfall sequel has emerged online following an ‘earnings-call’ where EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed a “fiscal Q3” release window for Titanfall 2. In Queen’s English thats some time between the months of October and January 2017.

This of course puts Titanfall 2 directly in punching distance of some of the really big FPS hitters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, both of which have new titles releasing in the same window. The reality of that is a very crowded market place but it’s not like Titanfall can’t hold its own. Back when it launched in 2014 the new IP made a huge impression when it inevitably dropped from an all new Studio, Respawn Entertainment. Even today it is regarded as a 4-One Gaming favorite and while the sequel will inevitably land at the same time as another high-profile EA title, the CEO isn’t worried: Titanfall 2

“This is a giant category in our industry. There’s a very broad and diverse set of players who play games in that category who are looking to fulfill different gameplay motivations. Some people play very quick-play, or something with more strategic play. Some people want both in different contexts.” Titanfall 2

Despite Call of Duty’s best intentions, Titanfall’s IP has remained unique in the years since its initial release and  with the sequel releasing on an additional platform with the addition of a single player campaign debuting, it’s easy to see how Titanfall 2 will succeed in the competitive space. Last month EA and Respawn Entertainment sent the hype train on its way with a teaser trailer which saw the Internet erupt with speculation regarding some of the content. We’re expecting to see more from Titanfall 2 in a month’s time at E3 2016 (yes we are getting sick of saying that) where we’ll get a better idea of what the game will look like. Let the Titan’s hit the floor.

[Source: PC Gamer]

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