Titanfall 2’s Live Fire update arrives today

titanfall 2 live fireFinally, today is the day that Titanfall 2’s new content drop goes live. The Live Fire update adds the new Live Fire game mode,  two mode-specific Live Fire maps, Featured Playlists, a new execution, an additional Coliseum map, mixtape-style matchmaking, balance patches, and more.

Live Fire is a 6v6 no respawn versus mode which also features a flag to be captured. Either take the flag to your own base or put down the other side entirely to win. Rounds are short, and the first team to win 5 rounds wins. There are no Titans involved either.

The Featured Playlist will rotate the various game modes on a weekly basis, offering extra bonus XP to players who take part. One week it could be Bounty, the next week it could be Last Titan Standing, and so on. It helps keeps the action fresh and breathes some life into anything other than Attrition.

To help get players involved with Live Fire, there will be a double XP weekend beginning today, Thursday and extending through Monday (Feb 23-27). This will only be given in the Live Fire mode of Titanfall 2, so stop playing Attrition for an hour!

Standby for Titanfall 2, and why not pick it up cheap this week on the PlayStation Store?

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