Titanfall 2 Live Fire patch notes and new features

titanfall 2 live fireRespawn have shared some further details regarding Titanfall 2’s next update, Live Fire. The new mode is still on its way, along with some new features and changes, but due to some QA issues behind the scenes, certification will come a little later.

On top of the brand new 6v6 team mode, a new Mixtape Matchmaking menu will come along with the update, a featured playlist which will rotate weekly, offering double XP for trying different modes out, and some new pre-match dialogue from your faction leaders.

Mixtape Matchmaking – You’ll notice a complete overhaul of the matchmaking menu. Thanks to hard work from the team and feedback from the community, this new feature will allow you to create your own “mixtape” of modes to your heart’s desire. Now, this is still in a sort of ‘beta’ stage but it’s at a point where we want to get it in front of our players to help us polish and refine. You may see some issues and we have a lot more we want to do with it but we feel like this is a good start to improving the matchmaking experience for Titanfall 2. We will be collecting data as players start using this new system and with your feedback we’ll continue to improve it.

Featured Playlist – Here we will be swapping out new modes each week that we think you should play and for some of them we’ll reward you with Double XP events for checking them out. We feel like this a good first step in giving some of the less populated modes their time in the spotlight and show off new ones.

Live Fire Mode and Maps: A new Pilot vs Pilot elimination game mode! It’s a 6v6 round-based with no respawns, you will have one minute to eliminate the opposing team in order to win the round. You can also win the round if your team is holding the neutral flag when the round timer ends. The team to win 5 rounds first wins the match.

There will be two maps, Stacks and Meadow that will support Live Fire mode only. Live Fire will be a limited time mode that will show up on Featured Playlists. We’ll be rotating this with other modes that we want to feature. Live Fire is different from what we’ve done with new modes in the past so we are keeping it as a featured mode only and will not be a part of the regular modes to choose from. We’ll be monitoring how popular it is and decide how often we run in the Featured Playlist based on data and community feedback.

New Execution: Inspired by the Stim, ‘Last Hit’ packs a punch and you’ll see it show up with the rest of the executions in the Pilot customization options.

New Coliseum Map – Go mano a mano in a brand-new map called Columns that adds a twist to the existing formula.

New Factions Intros – We’ve added some new dialogue for your faction leaders so enjoy the new pep talk as you drop into that next match.

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Titanfall 2 is a superb game but it is in dire need of some new and refreshing content, as the one additional map since launch, which was a remake to begin with, just doesn’t keep things feeling new at the moment.

Live Fire Patch Notes are available here: //forums.titanfall.com/en-us/categories/tf2-game-updates

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