Titanfall 2 launch trailer and review impressions

titanfall 2 launchTitanfall 2 is only a matter of days away, and yesterday we received the launch trailer, to further hype up excited fans. The review embargo also broke yesterday, meaning we got a glimpse of the quality Respawn Entertainment have poured into their second project, and the signs say that we’re in for a real treat!

Sitting with a solid 88 on Metacritic for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the moment, reviews are extremely positive. Most of them agree on the fact that the campaign, while a great addition and only adds to the value of the game, is a bit on the short side, but tells a good story and makes you feel for your Titan. How sweet!

“We wanted to have a campaign in the first one but there were a lot of constraints and timing restrictions that didn’t allow us to do it,” Brent McLeod, Respawn’s lead designer told the Telegraph in a recent interview. “This time we were able to. There are a lot of people wanting to see the lore and the universe we’ve created expanded with a solo campaign. We also find it’s a really good way to ‘on-board’ people for multiplayer. It’s a more relaxed environment where you can do can do things like learn how to wall-run, learn the mechanics of the game and then hopefully take that experience and translate it to your multiplayer experience.”

Speaking of which, Titanfall is all about the multiplayer gameplay, with its quick movement, jet packs, wall running, the new grappling hook and of course, Titans. A few reviews said that Titanfall 2 could do with having more maps and modes to choose from in order for it to avoid becoming stale fast, but as we know, free maps will be coming throughout the year, and Angel City from the first game makes a return in December.

“We’ve just tried to add as many abilities and new features to the game that provide more depth in the gameplay,. Tactical abilities like phase shift and things like the grapple. People loved mobility so we’ve tried to open up more ways for players to experience this. There are other play styles, which weren’t really accessible before, as you were limited to cloak, stim and MRI in the first game. Now we’ve added a whole bunch of different things that can cater to different play styles and work differently in all of the different game modes.”

Titanfall 2 releases on October 28th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Let’s hope it doesn’t get buried under the popularity of Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty, which released and will release a week before, and a week after Titanfall 2.

Pilots, standby for Titanfall.

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