Titanfall 2 Is The Underdog of 2016

titanfall 2 launch2014 saw the release of the most refreshing FPS in a long time. It was exactly what was needed in a genre turning stale with each new release of Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty and Battlefield certainly looked better with each new release but the mechanics remained the same every year and it was tiresome.


Unfortunately for Respawn and fans of Titanfall, the playerbase plummeted rather quickly due to short attention spans. People wanted customisation – in essence they wanted to play dress-up. We all know that the ability to unlock pink camos and clown wigs for your avatar are more important than engaging, and exciting gameplay, right? Right…

Putting aside my feelings about people abandoning Titanfall in favour of other games which provided unlockables, and less than stellar gameplay – I’m here to tell you about Titanfall 2. It’s the game everybody wanted. It’s the game we all deserve.

Titanfall 2 was given arguably the worst release widow imaginable this year. Releasing right in between the biggest FPS franchises, Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, it is not unreasonable to expect poor sales starting off. However, users on Reddit have been reporting an increase in the online player count on all platforms each day.

The Campaign

Titanfall 1 released without a single player campaign, much to the disappointment of many Xbox One and PC players. Respawn have gone on record in the past stating their initial desires to implement a campaign in Titanfall 1. The game was originally designed with a single player campaign in mind. Footage of this can be found in The Final Hours of Titanfall.

In Titanfall 2 we assume the roll of rifleman Jack Cooper who is sent to the frontline in the continuing war between the evil IMC and The Militia. We are assigned the role of piloting a vanguard-class Titan, BT-7274 after its original pilot is killed in action.  BT-7274 is a charming machine incapable of sensing sarcasm. His personality is reminiscent of Guardians of The Galaxy’s Drax played by Dave Bautista.
Immediately we are thrown in to a balls-to-the-wall, adrenaline fuelled campaign with platformer puzzle elements which bring a refreshing take on FPS single player campaigns.

Along the way BT collects new titan load-outs which can be switched on the fly. His ability to take on new load-outs, each with its own unique abilities is rather Mega Man-esque in a way. You learn to utilise each of the abilities to maximise your chances of defeating the game’s bosses.

Without spoiling the campaign for you, I can honestly say it is the most refreshing thing I’ve played in years. The levels are linear, yet open to exploration. The art, and scenery is stunning with plenty of opportunities to utilise and practice your parkour skills. You are encouraged to play as a parkour master as opposed to a boots-on-the-ground grunt in order to maximise your chances of survival as you traverse the beautiful (and often deadly) environments.

You will laugh. You will cry – probably. You will stare at your screen in awe. You will fall in love, and you will revel in the adrenaline pumping universe Respawn Entertainment have created.

titanfall 2 single

The Multiplayer

When the tech test went public, Respawn faced a lot of criticism from fans of the original Titanfall. Changes included:

  • Removal of Titan shields
  • changed rodeo system
  • slower running
  • lower eject
  • set Titan classes
  • nerfed wall running
  • pilots now had a red aura surrounding them
  • and more…

It was clear that Respawn were aiming Titanfall 2 at a wider audience as the original was quite niche. Since then, however, Respawn have listened. The full release of Titanfall 2 is not the same game we played in the tech test. It is far from it. It is a massive improvement. Respawn have managed to create a game aimed at a wider audience while also maintaining almost everything fans loved about the original.

Fans now get to aim for unlockables such as Titan paints, weapon camos, pilot camos, calling cards, icons etc.
The weapons are perfectly balanced, the hit boxes are perfect, the movement is perfect, and fluid. Basically this is the game fans of the FPS genre deserve. It is the game every futuristic Call of Duty fan has wanted, and more. The game is near perfect and should the likely scenario arise where the game doesn’t sell well – it’ll be purely down to the release window.

If you’re in the camp where you’re wondering if you should buy Titanfall 2 but you are hesitant because of how quickly the player base died off in the original game, then you need to go buy it. If everybody feeling that way went out and bought the game today, the player base would increase dramatically. Be the change.

Titanfall 2

If you need another reason to invest in TItanfall 2, it is this:
That’s right. Respawn confirmed that all future weapon, and map DLC will be free of charge for all players. It is likely that the only add-on content that requires a purchase will be cosmetic.

If you are a fan of the FPS genre, and you feel that DICE, and the developers of Call of Duty have been churning out the same games with different skins year-after-year then you owe it to yourself to go and play this game.

Final Verdict

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic FPS with platform puzzle elements. Though it is likely that the sales will suffer due to the stupid release date, Respawn have created a game which has now solidified Titanfall as a franchise capable of standing alongside Battlefield and Call of Duty. You can be sure Titanfall 3 will be taken much more seriously by Actvision and FPS fans alike. Prior to Titanfall 2, the franchise was in its infancy. It’s in the big leagues now.

Titanfall 2 is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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