Titanfall 2 To Include Boss Titans, Puzzles, & Much More

Titanfall 2 selfieTitanfall 2 is releasing this October 28th – only seven days after Battlefield 1, and things have been a little too quiet. Details on the game have been rather scarce – but not to worry, we’ve got you covered.Titanfall 2’s release is getting closer, and closer by the day, and yet both EA and Respawn have been rather tight-lipped about the much anticipated sequel, considering how much promotional material we have been subjected to for Battlefield 1 which releases only one week prior to it. So we’re here today to remind you that Titanfall 2 is still releasing on October 28th, just in case you’ve forgotten.

First up, we’re going to check a video which was shared on r/Titanfall by user TalTallon. Tallon shows us some previously unseen footage of the single player campaign.

You’d be forgiven for feeling the campaign is rather barren and quiet if this video is anything to go by, but Tallon assured other users that the game’s campaign does have a lot going on and this is just “B-roll footage”.
You can check out another 30 second clip below with even more single player footage:

Titanfall 2 will get a “tech test” very “soon”. We’ll most likely get the date during Gamescom next week.

Are you still planning on jumping in to a Titan? Let us know! Titanfall 2 drops on October 28th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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