Titanfall 2 DLC roadmap teased for coming months

titanfall 2 wallpaperRespawn Entertainment have added further details as to what to expect in future content drops for Titanfall 2. While the next update, Live Fire is still a few weeks out, the studio has revealed some great new features, and a returning map for one of last year’s greatest shooter releases.

Live Fire was detailed recently, which you can catch up on here. Basically, it’s 6 v 6 combat with only one life per pilot. No Titans are involved, and the maps are extremely limited in size. Win numerous rounds to win the match overall. New maps will be made specifically for the mode, with two promised with the update.

Arriving in a later update is a returning map from the first Titanfall game. The map is Colony, which was the second map in the game’s multiplayer online campaign.

titanfall 2 colony

The headline may seem misleading but that’s how Respawn made it out for us! The roadmap below is very thin otherwise, but at least it’s free content still to come for such an excellent game. More news will come in two weeks, according to their most recent blog post.  I imagine more classic maps will be on the way, but what one would you want to see added?

titanfall 2 dlc roadmap

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