Tissues at the ready, leaked Fallout 4 Gamescom footage resides on Pornhub

naughty fallout 4 leakDuring Gamescom, a new gameplay showing of Fallout 4 was shown to members of the gaming community behind closed doors. An anonymous member of the crowd recorded the footage and uploaded it to many video streaming sites, including Pornhub.

While the video was shared amongst the obvious video sharing sites, Bethesda have been hard at work, tracking down all traces of the video, having them removed. It seems that Pornhub is the only place which Bethesda are having trouble with as it can still be found on their network.

Gamespot detailed that the video showed the main character “mowing down a horde of zombies, and aiming through sights on an automatic weapon, then later, accessing computer terminals, lock-picking, and interacting with his Pip-Boy”.

While Kotaku listed the title of the Pornhub upload, I couldn’t find it, so it may have since been removed, as this story was reported 14 hours ago at the time of writing. It’s just appropriate in my opinion, as many fans got super excited about Fallout 4, and may have had an accident in their pants when it was first revealed at E3 in June, and with every consecutive trailer. Kotaku reported that at the time, more than 34,000 fans had watched the leaked footage via Pornhub. What those fans did next, we can’t confirm.

fallout 4 leak
Image of Fallout 4 leaked footage, courtesy of Kotaku

It’s likely that Bethesda will release the footage themselves, and didn’t want an off-screen, low quality version doing the rounds, one which shows the backs of other game journalists blocking the screen. We’ll give Bethesda a few more days, but with Fallout 4 only a few months away, I feel the gaming community could survive without seeing any more of the game, and instead look forward to some surprises when it releases.

[Source: Gamespot, Kotaku]

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