Timed PS4 exclusive beta for Black Ops 3 coming in August

Call of Duty black ops 3Treyarch previously announced that a Black Ops 3 beta will hit all platforms before the release of the game in November, and this week have revealed that a timed-exclusive beta will hit the PlayStation 4 before everywhere else, starting in August.

At E3 this year, Activision announced their alignment with Sony’s platform in terms of Call of Duty exclusivity, and are now starting to exercise¬†their entitlements, obviously. While there are no confirmed dates as of yet for PC and Xbox, the PlayStation 4 beta will kick off on August 19th, according to a tweet by the developer. More information about the beta is to come soon.

In order to gain access to the beta, you will have to pre-order the game in-store, or pre-purchase the game via your platform-specific digital storefront, whether PSN, Xbox Live or one of the PC outlets. Black Ops 3 offers a full co-op campaign, your usual multiplayer antics, and more Zombies action, which we should be seeing revealed very, very soon!

[Source: Twitter]


  1. Rob Pearce ( User Karma: 5 ) says:

    I know its nothing new but I hate the way Beta programs are becoming used as an incentive to pre-order or gain publicity. the focus should be squarely on technical issues, bugs, balance and stress testing. not grooming people and trying to get them locked in as a sale.

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