Things every Elite Dangerous player should do

Elite DangerousWhilst I prepare the next part of our Elite Dangerous guide I thought it would be fun to list some of the things every Commander should do at some point. Whether it’s exploring the far reaches of our galaxy or simply forgetting to deselect a spaceport resulting you chasing your tail for a good amount of time whilst you look for your next jump vector, we have you covered.

The scope and scale of Elite Dangerous is amazing and there’s such a wide variety of things to do. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first but in time you’ll become just another seasoned Commander with tales of amazing journeys and stupendous mistakes. Here’s some things I think every commander should do at some point or will do whether it’s intentional or not. We have included pictures so if you don’t want to see some of these things before you see them in game then it’s worth baring that in mind.

Run out of fuel and ask The Fuel Rats for assistance

Obviously, we aren’t suggesting you go out there and purposefully run out of fuel but it’s something that all seasoned players have probably experienced at some point.  If you find yourself stranded with no fuel simply call the fuel Rats for help at and don’t forget to say thank you.

Elite Dangerous

Visit SOL (Solar System)

Humans are a bit like Salmon. They seem drawn to their homeland. Like Salmon though you must endure a bit of a grind to get there. You’ll need a system permit from the Federation to gain access but once you get there you’ll be able to marvel at Human Kind’s Birthplace and take in the sights.

Elite Dangerous

Visit stations with familiar names

The Easter Bunny would be proud of the amount of Easter eggs contained in Elite Dangerous. Many NPC’s and Starports have familiar names. There are names from Star Trek, Star Wars and some other familiar names like Riddley Scott or Whoopi Goldberg. Once whilst bounty hunting I came across a wanted NPC named after a legend who played for the football team I supported. I let him go on his way.

Elite Dangerous

Visit Betelgeuse

Every now and then you come across something in Elite Dangerous that really hammers home the vast scale of the game, and our galaxy. Visiting a massive Star like Betelgeuse really is a breath-taking moment and illustrates this well.

Visit the Hyadum system

This system perfectly illustrates the beauty that is contained within the game and there are places out there that will just leave you speechless. Hyadum has a gas giant less than 10LS from its Star which makes for some stunning views, especially from within its ring system. Exploration might not be the big money maker but it’s a sure-fire way to get the best appreciation of our galaxy’s natural beauty.

Elite Dangerous

Barnards Loop

An impressive cluster of nebulae that will provide you with some truly amazing sights. This is one region of the galaxy that every budding explorer should be looking to visit. Get ready to take lots of screen shots if you venture out here.

Elite Dangerous

Sagittarius A

When you look at our galaxy it’s natural for your attention to be drawn to the centre of it. Two things you’ll notice when you venture towards the galactic core. 1) It’s very bright, you’re being lit up by over a billion stars after all 2) The systems are densely packed together. At the centre of our galaxy is the Super massive Black Hole Sagittarius A. It’s a sight to behold and something that should be on every explorers bucket list.

Elite Dangerous


Explore an epic looking planet

Elite Dangerous Horizons brought us planetary landings and there are some incredible planets out there to discover. Nothing beats flying your ship though a deep canyon or landing on the surface and looking up as its rings arch above you.

Elite Dangerous


Visit the Alien ruins

Elite Dangerous has an Alien mystery going on at the minute but even if you don’t want to dive into the community’s attempts of unraveling that mystery you should still make a point of going out and visiting the alien ruins. They are an impressive and eerie sight but one that every commander should see.

Elite Dangerous

Visit the Colonia System

The Colonia system was the result of a successful community goal where people were asked to collect materials. We now have a second bubble that is occupied by humans. It’s a long trip though so before you commit, think carefully about whether you really want to take on the gargantuan journey.

Elite Dangerous

Visit Hutton orbital

Every player should suffer the journey to Hutton Orbital. It takes a long time and is notorious amongst the community. Located in the Alpha Centauri system (our galactic neighbour) it is located 6’942’523.71 light seconds from the system’s entry point which is 0.22ly. The journey in Elite Dangerous takes around about an hour to an hour and a half depending on your ship. To put it into perspective it would take the current fastest man made object 94 years to make it.

Elite Dangerous


Find Voyager 1&2

That’s right the two Probes that launched way back in 1977 are out there somewhere waiting to give up their secrets. Yet another monumental task but one I think would be totally worth carrying out.

Elite Dangerous

Have you discovered anything in Elite Dangerous that other players should see for themselves? Let us know in the comments of the article, or on our Facebook page!

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