There’s nothing quite like good Customer Service

Customer SupportOnly a few years ago, a faulty product or a lost or stolen item meant that you’d inevitably find yourself stressed, disappointed and feeling rather fed up. With gadgets and accessories becoming more expensive and complex, it’s not surprising that they go wrong from time to time and a good level of customer service can go a long way to help lighten your mood.

For as long as I can remember, getting a fault with technology has been a headache and whenever you buy something new you cross your fingers and toes and pray to the technology gods that what you have bought turns on and works as it should. With technology being far more sophisticated and the time between development and releasing to the public reducing it goes without saying that things sometimes do go wrong.

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Nothing can prepare you for the disappointment a fault can bring but it’s the way in which companies react to these unfortunate events that makes all the difference. Any gamer can, I’m sure, testify to how bad Electronic Arts used to be at this. If you found an issue with your game it meant hours of phone calls or tapping away at a keyboard to find a solution.

I’ve had bad experiences with Sony, Microsoft , and various PC part manufacturers in the past to name just a few but it does seem that Customer Service has turned a corner. Although it’s certainly not the first time good customer service has been practised but looking back I first noticed the positive change with the Xbox 360 red ring of death (RROD) saga.  I had finally convinced my wife that she needed her own Xbox 360 and on the day we got it my console died with the RROD. it was a horrible feeling but to their credit Microsoft collected the console within a day and had it back to me as good as new within 2 weeks.

red ring of death

I’ve had problems setting up a PlayStation Plus account with Sony and again to their credit the issue was solved within minutes with help from a lovely lady on the computer. Lost your phone? No problem. Some providers will send you a brand new one the very next day if it’s insured and even EA has upped their customer service game. With Turtle Beach Elite headsets you get dedicated support which I can honestly say is brilliant if you ever need to use it. I had issues with PC’s and have taken them apart under instruction from a tech support guy on the phone and I’ve had Ford waive large portions of my bill after an electrical fault on my car, as a way of saying sorry.

The latest issue I have had was with my Xbox One Elite control pad. The Thumb Sticks were drifting and it was becoming unusable. The next day I contacted Microsoft Customer support and spoke to a Customer service agent who helped me register the control pad and emailed me a courier label to plonk on the box. The next day UPS picked it up and the long waiting game began, only it turned out not to be that long. A little over a week and there’s a knock at the door and my new control pad is welcomed into its new home. All this was free too thanks to the year’s warranty you get as standard on accessories.


There really is nothing better than good customer service. It can change a horrible day into a much better one and it’s something that sticks in your mind. Things do go wrong and that cant be helped but it’s great to see companies looking after their customers better than they used to and that should be recognised and commended.

So to all you in customer service professionals, thank you . Feel free to share any positive or negative experiences you may have experienced.

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