There will be no Death Star map in Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: BattlefrontFrom previous news, we already know that Star Wars: Battlefront won’t be featuring space battles or “space maps” and whilst that came as a bit of a disappointment to those of us eagerly anticipating the game, it was quickly forgiven after the E3 2015 footage blew us all away. Since then, we’ve had a lot of information regarding various aspects of the game. And now we have some more. EA have officially confirmed that they won’t be bringing a “Death Star” map into the reboot. 

“We will not offer a Death Star based map. But stay tuned for details around the maps we will offer.” Said EA community managers in a recent Reddit Thread.

As you can imagine, this news hasn’t exactly been welcomed with open arms, in fact a massive 83% of the feedback in regards to the news Star Wars: Battlefronthas been negative. And its easy to see why when you consider the merit the iconic space station has on the Star Wars universe, you’d think EA would want to bring that to the game. Furthermore, when we’re on the subject of massive spacecrafts, EA have also confirmed that Star Destroyers would also be making an appearance in the game, which is something we actually knew weeks ago when the screenshot on the right emerged. However, EA have also stated that Star Destroyers will be a purely aesthetics feature within the game. No amount of shooting with any of the in-game weapons is going to bring them down. “Yes you will see them within maps, but you can’t physically shoot them down. But the progression of how you’re playing will influence the Battles beyond the players’ battle.”

The Star Wars: Battlefront closed alpha begins in just a few days time (July 2nd) for a select few participators. So its worth holding on to any skepticism until those lucky few get a look in, most importantly it’s always worth remembering what we’ve already seen in terms of gameplay and remembering that EA and DICE have a very clear vision when it comes to rebooting the famous Battlefront series.


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