There is an up side to Halo 5’s micro-transactions after all

HaloUnfortunately though, most of us will never see the benefit. Halo 5: Guardian’s has been around for well over a month now and whilst we weren’t exactly happy with the introduction of micro-transactions into the series, we can at least say that some of the money made is being put to good use.

Halo 5: Guardians brought with it a whole Pelican load of new features, some welcome, some not so welcome. Warzone mode is one of the good ones but even that came with a bit of a bitter after taste. For whatever reason, 343 Industries decided to add micro-transactions to the much love series where players can spend real money on acquiring packs for the games all new Requisition System. (It’s worth noting that Warzone’s mechanics do not rely on people spending real money as in-game currency can also be used to purchase packs).Halo

Naturally when this feature was initially announced fans went ballistic, and of course Microsoft stepped in to explain exactly why players would be presented with the option of spending real money in the game, for starters, all of Halo 5: Guardians DLC has been promised to us free-of-charge. And so far, credit where it’s due, we’ve had the first batch, introducing new Arena maps and the much-loved Big-Team-Battle game mode previously absent from the game. The second load of DLC is on its way and has been announced for a December 2015 release date, adding an all new Warzone map along with new weapons, new armor and new Arena maps all completely free of charge.

However there’s another upside, Microsoft promised that a portion of the money earned from micro-transactions would also be added on the overall prize pool for the up-coming Halo World Championships. With that in mind, it seems that Requisition Packs have been selling very well as just this morning, 343 Industries announced that the prize pool currently sits at a cool $2,000,000 and is growing and growing with every purchase.

Time to become a pro Halo player then… It seems.

[Source: VG24/7]

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