The Xbox One now has a Sky TV app

SkyTwo very short years have passed since the “new-generation” landed and it’s fair to say that both consoles have only got better since their respective debut dates. That said, both the Xbox One and PS4 are both lacking certain features that proved popular with their older Brother’s. Today however, Microsoft ticked one of them off their list.

We are of course talking about the popular Sky TV application that was previously available on the Xbox 360 which enabled Sky customers to access live channels, catch-up TV and the Sky Store from their consoles. The app has already been available on the PS4 for some time but until now has been absent from the Xbox One’s store, meaning the only way to use Sky on Microsoft’s new-generation console was to either use the Now TV app or plug your Sky box directly into the Xbox One’s HDMI (in) port and use the TV app. Sky

Of course this isn’t surprising news as we already knew that the app was coming to the Xbox One following an announcement, made during the first week of November, from Microsoft’s UK Xbox marketing chief Harvey Eagle, confirming that the app was indeed “coming soon”. A month later, it’s arrived and can be found by navigating through the Xbox One’s store app.

Much like the app on the PS4, the Xbox One version requires a £5 monthly subscription to “Sky Go” which will not only grant you use of the app on the Xbox One, but also on any other compatible device and will gran t you the same if not better functionality as the app that was available on the previous Xbox system.

During the announcement Eagle also took the opportunity to remind fans that “Cortana” (Microsoft’s take on Apple’s Siri) will also be available later this month to those who participate in the preview program, but would not go live to the general public until 2016.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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