The Xbox One Mini is due to launch… Never

Xbox OneEarlier in the week, the Internet was a wash of rumours regarding a smaller version of the Xbox One stating that it was due to be launched in October of this year. Well following a Tweet reply from Xbox head Phil Spencer, we can now confirm that the rumours are well and truly… Erm not true, and there are no current plans for Microsoft to launch a “mini Xbox One” in the near and foreseeable future.Rumours of the smaller console first emerged when a Chinese site reported that a new Xbox One console would be released during the already busy period of October of this year, this in turn sparked a whole new game of “Chinese whispers” (pun intended) that led people to believe that the fictional console would be a whole third smaller than the current Xbox One and that it wouldn’t even have a disk drive. Which Microsoft’s themselves stated wouldn’t happen, back in the days we were actually able to call the technology “new-generation”. Xbox One

The whole idea of the disc-less console really is the centre of the whole thing, as indeed doing away with that pesky component would in fact allow Microsoft to produce much smaller consoles, however what people should remember is that the Blu-Ray drive in the Xbox One is a bit of a required thing, removing it would diminish the whole “Ultra-HD content” that Microsoft could offer to users.

It’s also worth noting at this point, that the Xbox One is boasting some pretty impressive statistics following the release of Windows 10, over 122 years of gameplay has already been streamed from the console to various Windows 10 devices, it’s unlikely that Microsoft are really planning anything that’s going to take the stage light of their own flagship console. And besides, is there really a market for that kind of thing? Afterall, it would be cheaper.

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