The Witness rated for Xbox One, but no release plans to speak of

the witnessThe latest game by developerJonathan Blow, The Witness will be hitting PlayStation 4 and PC this month, but apparently it has been rated by the ESRB for Xbox One. Before fans get excited, it has been said that there are no plans as of yet to release it on the platform.

Jonathan Blow will best be known by gamers for his 2D mind-boggling puzzle, Braid, and The Witness certainly looks more adventurous in scope. It is a 3D first person puzzle game in which the player is stranded on an island, trying to solve various maze puzzles.

Speaking to Polygon about the listing on the ratings board, Jonathan Blow said “We only put XB1 on there because it doesn’t cost anything, and if we were to want to do an XB1 version later, we don’t have to go through ratings again. But it is totally provisional, we have no plans for an XB1 version right now.”

The Witness was announced in 2009, which seems like a long long time ago, and with a January 24th release date on PC and PS4, it’s good to see it finally coming out of the tunnel. Let’s hope it’s as mind-boggling as Braid, eh? Or not…

[Source: Polygon]

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