The Witness is coming to Xbox One

the witnessReleased with high praise in January of this year on PlayStation 4 and Steam, The Witness will finally release on Xbox One next month. Created by Braid developer Jonathan Blow, The Witness puts players on a secluded, abandoned island where they must solve puzzles while traversing through beautiful environments. Kind of like Myst, without all the photographic scenery.

The Witness will release on Xbox One for $40 on September 13th. It can be difficult at times, and more often than not, it’s worth exploring the island and leaving behind difficult puzzles, returning to them later when the solution will perhaps spark in your mind.

The Witness has a Metacritic score of 87 on both PlayStation 4 and PC, so you know you’re in for a great gaming experience should you pick it up. And as said above, it’s not a full priced title so you can look forward to one of 2016’s best titles, for less than a regular investment.

If anything, it would be a nice relaxing game to play with your puzzle-solving partner in the dark evenings.

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