The Witcher 3’s New Game Plus Mode Rolling Out

The Witcher 3For those of you looking for a good excuse to restart The Witcher 3, but with the added boost of having your gear and stats carried over, then great news!

From today, CD Projekt RED will be rolling out the New Game Plus mode which was announced about a month ago, is already on the Xbox One, and will be on other platforms very soon.

The mode, which is only a 9.5MB download (maybe slightly different depending on platform), allows players to carry over their experience, items, money, and alchemy recipes, as well as a Clearing Potion which can be used to re-spec your build to try something new out. If you are level 30 or higher, you will remain the same level, however if you are lower it will be increased to 30 when you start.

There are items that wont carry over though, including quest items, books and letters, as well as Gwent Cards (darn), trophies and usable items. While you lose usable items, you can just remake the potions again since you keep ingredients and recipes, though might have to do some gathering.

Restarting the game in new game plus allows you to also change the difficulty, so now that you are a Witching master maybe you should bump that up to Death March and give yourself a real challenge!

Will you be playing The Witcher 3 again now that New Game Plus mode is being rolled out? Have you even finished it yet? Let us know in the comments!

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