The Witcher 3’s Heart of Stone DLC Needs You at Level 30

Geralt of RiviaIf you’re looking for an excuse to get back into The Witcher 3, you have it as The Heart of Stone story DLC coming next month will need you to be around level 30 in order to start them.

I assume that it isn’t locked out to you if you are a lower level, but are just really high level quests that can be played during, or after the main story, so while you could theoretically do it at around level 25 you’re going to have a rough time of it.

Community Manager Marcin Momot revealed the details on Twitter.

As you might be expecting, for New Game Plus mode the quest level will be scaled up to match, meaning you will likely have to be around level 60. It hasn’t been confirmed what level they would be at, but 60 is a reasonable assumption.

This will be The Witchers first of two paid expansions, both of which ad 30 more hours to the game, and considering how much time many of us have put into the game, I doubt many of us will be complaining about putting in a little more money for even more content.

What about you though? Looking forward to The Witchers expansions, or do you just have too much to play currently? Let us know in the comments!

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