The Witcher 3 receives a new ‘Epic’ trailer, because it’s awesome

Geralt of Rivia the witcherWhen you release a game that you’re extremely proud of, and receives such critical acclaim, you can’t help but release another trailer for it. That’s what CD Projekt RED have done, with this ‘Epic’ trailer for The Witcher 3. The game is one of the top nominations for Game of the Year 2015 and rightly so, with a massive amount of content to explore, free DLC add-ons for fans, and a couple of premium expansions you can’t argue about paying for.

“We launched Wild Hunt, the RPG we’ve been working on for so long, then we’ve gone above and beyond to give gamers as many free DLC as we could, and then released Hearts of Stone, which – judging from player feedback – took the game even further,” CD Projekt RED director ​Konrad Tomaszkiewicz​ said in a statement.

“And we innovated all along the way – if you compare Wild Hunt to our previous game, almost every element was improved or changed.”

The studio is now working on ‘Blood and Wine’, which is the last expansion, due in 2016.

“To thank everyone for being with us this whole time, we’ve prepared something special – enjoy the Epic Trailer!”

Aside from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Fallout 4 will also be vying for game of the year, and I honestly feel that Batman Arkham Knight for consoles deserves a good chance too. That game is just phenomenal. It should be interesting to see how the Game of the Year nominations and results go amongst all publications.

[Source: Digital Spy]

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