The Witcher 3 patch to fix new issues, and a thank you note

Geralt of Rivia the witcher 2015The Witcher 3’s final DLC expansion released recently, and while a patch before hand fixed a few bits and pieces in the game, more issues have risen. However, CD Projekt RED are on the case and will have a new patch out to players as soon as possible.

While no list of fixes have been stated, one of the confirmed fixes relates to a bug that sees players now being unable to target certain enemies during combat. CD Projekt RED will work on the lock-on issues amongst other reported problems that have popped up as feedback.

The issues are not specifically related to the expansion, and may affect the base game as well.

As well as that, CD Projekt RED have issued a thank you note to fans of The Witcher 3, and while confirming that Blood and Wine is definitely the last add-on for 2015’s Game of the Year, they encourage fans to look forward to checking out their future projects in the near future.

cd projekt red thank you the witcher 3

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