The Witcher 3 Cheaters Get Taxed?

Geralt of RiviaYup. You read that right! If you used an exploit for in-game monetary gain then CD Projekt RED will be sending a tax collector to your in-game front door.

Developers CD Projekt RED know all about you slaughtering the cattle in the Northern Realms, leaving clams as no more than empty husks, and they feel you owe them more than a little coin for your exploits, but you won’t have to worry unless you have the newest expansion Hearts of Stone.

Being The Witcher though, you aren’t forced to pay anything and could lie your way through the entire conversation. If you bump into the taxman, he will just have some questions for you, and how you answer them would effect whether or not he takes money off you. You essentially just have to say you did none of these things.

The Witcher 3 taxmanHe will ask:

  • If you engaged in trade of hide at White Orchard
  • If you harvested mollusks to sell pearls
  • If you have ever stolen from an NPC’s house without permission (which is all of us)

Just say, you never engaged in such egregious activities, then get back on your way chopping off drowner heads. You’ll even get awarded the title of “Taxpayer in Good Standing,” which he suggests you hang “in a place of honor.” You could always confess though, and be fined 200% of your earnings.

It’s unsurprising that CD Projekt RED did this as another funny way to combat exploits, like when they initiated the “Bovine Defence Force” to stop players killing cattle.

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