The Last Guardian’s Trico as a pet? Hmmm…..

the last guardian trico petAfter many, many years, The Last Guardian is now available on PlayStation 4 to be enjoyed by the masses. So far, reviews have been very promising, quoting niggling issues with the controls, Trico AI and camera angles. Otherwise, it’s a game worth spending some time with. But what would it be like if Trico was a real pet?

A new PlayStation ad campaign gives us some insight into the lives of a couple who adopted a giant cat-dog-griffin pet, and it’s as you’d expect. Difficult. The house is in bits. The TV has a big bite out of it. The furniture looks like it was a form of entertainment for a few minutes, but then there’s the poo. The amounts of poo…

Have you been enjoying The Last Guardian this week, or will you be picking it up for the holidays?

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