The Last Guardian TGS trailer and gameplay

the last guardian screenThe Last Guardian has received a new trailer during the Tokyo Game Show which is currently taking place. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to show much more than what has already been seen, even compared to last year’s E3. Sony announced a release date of October earlier this year, which has of course since changed.

So, as we approach its new release date, we see some more footage of this 3D platforming puzzle adventure, the game which we all know as having a giant flying-cat-dog-thing as a companion, but what else? As seen last year and in this new trailer, there’s an evil flying-cat-dog-thing as well, but is that the game’s antagonist, one of many boss encounters, or something you will face early in the game and never to be seen again?

Being in development since 2009, not much has changed with how it looks. Sure, it will have the fidelity of a modern game, but like we witnessed with Duke Nukem Forever, albeit it nearly 10 years, not 14 years later when that released, will it feel old and jaded at launch, or will it feel like a PlayStation 4 title, let alone a PS2 game, when it was in development?

The last thing Sony wants, or needs after the disappointment of No Man’s Sky is another game that was hyped up for years, only to be a shadow of (the colossus) its initial ambition. Will The Last Guardian be a big game? A 2 hour puzzle adventure? A 7 year late tech demo? Could it even be a game changer? For some reason, I have ‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ in my head when looking at this, with two characters trying to get from A to B, and at the later stages of the game, a big plot twist will happen and could potentially blow our minds.

Polygon have 18 minutes of gameplay footage from The Last Guardian, if you want to see more of it in action below.

We shall surely find out in December, when the game finally releases.

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