The Incredibles 2 Review

The first Incredibles first is an ode to superhero and spy films of a golden age in Hollywood. But rather than stopping there, The Incredibles put an all too relevant social commentary on the life and evolution of the superhero. It ended up being a delightful and clever film that was unique. There really isn’t any issue with the first film. It’s perfectly paced, the dialogue is excellent, the action is filmed well. You can see what this film has to live up to, in short it doesn’t. However, it’s definitely a worthy enough sequel that fits in and even stands out among the plethora of superhero films that dominate today’s market.

The film starts immediately where we left off and sees an interesting role reversal. While this is evident in the trailers it makes for an interesting dynamic of Elastigirl/Helen being the breadwinner and Mr. Incredible/Bob at home. Something I appreciate was the home life of superheros and how they deal with everyday life. It was done in a far more interesting manner in the first because the dynamic between them all is so great. There isn’t as much time for that in this film and it’s void of a certain element. Bob’s character arc is certainly entertaining and the family dynamic is still great.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the superhero plot. The film gives out some extreme foreshadowing that ultimately ruins a vital story element just because of how heavy handed it is. It doesn’t help that there’s a little too much exposition and one character that just doesn’t seem to fit in even though they have their proper place in the movie. Furthermore, the villain’s motivation is illogical and bad. There’s no sugar coating that when compared to the first film, this villain is a dud. While this might paint the movie to be less than stellar, it still has plenty of charm and great elements that root out the lesser ones.

The Incredibles 2 does try to capture the magic of the first film and does succeed, especially where other contemporary sequels have failed. Each character has an interesting arc with a satisfying conclusion. Watching this film is an absolute blast; what animation continues to accomplish is nothing short of amazing. There are a few character models that seem off or remind me more of stop motion but it usually doesn’t detract from the film looking excellent.  Animation is highlighted during the action scenes, all of which are superb and even better than the great action from the first.

The more mature tone is still present. There’s use of the word “hell” and “damn” which is mostly absent in animated Pixar/Disney films. Unfortunately, this breach of language isn’t really used for any other reason than because it’s a swear. There is a particular joke in this movie that I’m astonished of and is just somewhat gross in the context that it’s in but other than that, the comedy mostly hits and should be enjoyable for any age. This is a strong movie that doesn’t have the best plot or comedy that hit the mark so well as the first did. However, it’s a worthy sequel and is very enjoyable from beginning to end.

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