The history of the Batman Arkham series

batman arkham asylumThe guys over at PlayStation Blog visited Rocksteady Games in London, UK to talk to them about their fantastically well-received Batman Arkham series, with the final part of the trilogy hitting the market this week. Since 2009, Rocksteady have made a name for themselves as the Batman developer, and we’re wondering what they will do next.

In the video below by PlayStation Blog, they sit down with¬†Game Director Sefton Hill as he talks about approaching Eidos Interactive about their ideas for Arkham Asylum, and how they wanted to add ‘aggressive stealth’, meaning the player was in control, being powerful, and not feeling like another stealth game were you had to hide in fear.

When talking about the easter egg that fans didn’t find until very late, the one involving the map of Arkham City in the Warden’s office, Hill admits that he and the team weren’t sure how well the game would be received, and weren’t planning on a sequel after Asylum. Luckily, it was critically acclaimed so!

Having spent eight and a half years making the Batman Arkham trilogy, Rocksteady feel like it’s time for them to move on, to continue feeling inspired, as Hill puts it. I can’t blame him, and whether Warner Bros try to churn out another Batman game like they did with Arkham Origins is yet to be seen, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that was to be the case.

Congratulations on the launch, and on the series, Rocksteady, and best of luck with your next project.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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