The Golf Club 2 looks like the Ace in the Hole

the golf club 2In 2014, HB Studios, an indie game developer released The Golf Club on Steam, before eventually finding its way onto PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A golf sim that let  you play simultaneously online with your friends, or challenge their scores in your own time. It also let you build, share and download new courses. The Golf Club 2 aims to drive itself even further.

The primary focus on The Golf Club 2 is on Societies and Clubhouses. Earn money to build up your clubhouse and furnish it, entice other players to join it, play competitively with them, and then challenge other Societies and Clubs in competitions and tournaments. Put money on the line to further expand your Club and become the number 1 virtual golf club.

HB Studios also revealed that any created content from the first game will be transferable into The Golf Club 2, meaning you will have a limitless supply of courses to continue to enjoy going forward. Of course, you can still create new environments, and I’m sure there will be a wealth of new features to add in and have fun with.

A career mode will also be added, letting you play offline to hone your skills, before taking them online to rank up those leaderboards. Championships and Tournaments can be enjoyed simultaneously with other players, or in your own time if you’re unavailable on certain dates. As the Majors develop, more and more spectators will show up to enjoy the action on the course.

Golfing isn’t the most exciting sport to watch for some, but the games never fail to offer a chilled out, enjoyable experience. I really enjoyed the first one, and am somewhat excited to pick this one up when it drops in the spring. No confirmed date as of yet, but we’ll keep an eagle-eyed view on it.

Keep your eye on Fore-One Gaming for further information 😉

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