Battlefield Hardline’s ‘The Getaway’ DLC detailed

battlefield hardline the getawayBattlefield Hardline is soon to receive another DLC pack which will add new weapons, a map, and a vehicle. It is the third DLC pack the game has received since launch, and is called ‘The Getaway’.

The video by Westie starts off with a detailed trip around the new map, called ‘Train Dodge’. It it set in a rocky mountain environment, divided by a lengthy train bridge and railway. The map will also feature a new game mode called ‘Capture the Bag’, and will allow the criminals to access the new vehicle, the import tuner within the mission.

The Getaway also includes 12 new weapons. These include the SAR 21, the G17 Race Pistol, the Winchester 1887, the MP5 SD, the AWS sniper rifle, which is now available to all classes, the UMP 9, the Org Parah (spelling?), the MP5 Navy, the Berretta M12 SMG, the M14 Sage, the SRS,  and the M12 Mod-1.

[Source: Youtube]

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