The Game Theorists make Destiny’s plot sound awesome

DestinyDestiny is a game that divides players. While fun to play, with great mechanics at work, one of its major disappointments is the story telling, or lack of story telling. To access most of the background info for the game, you have to visit a website and do a lot of reading. But, when it’s explained like this, it has us curious.

The Game Theorists cover the basics, from Year One’s final boss encounter, to who exactly The Traveller is and what the Guardians are. There’s actually a lot of interesting info here and as well as being informative, it’s also a nice witty watch, with some good humour thrown in.

One comparison in the Youtube comments for the video about Destiny’s story is Forest Gump, which is an interesting way of looking at it. Sure, we all know Destiny lacked a story, and Year Two is meant to make it easier to digest and understand, but has it done its job? Here’s an example:

“In the Forest Gump example, what you pointed out was you learned easter eggs and stuff but what the other guy was pointing out was what if Forest Gump had no story. What if instead of showing you all the things forest did and how he got where he was, it just showed you forest sitting on the park bench for two hours and then jenny dies, end of movie. You would only find out about forest’s life by looking it up on the official website of Forest Gump. Now imagine paying money to do that. That is why people dislike Destiny.”

It’s an interesting comparison, and the video above by Game Theorists makes Destiny sound rather awesome in a way, doesn’t it?

[Source: Youtube]

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