The full list of names that Codsworth can say

Codsworth fallout 4A user on Reddit has data-mined Fallout 4’s files on PC to find out what names Codsworth has saved in his repertoire. You may have already heard your name being called out at times, which is a nice feeling, but many, like myself, may not have the luxury.

You can find the full list of 1,000 names here. Some interesting inclusions coming out of Codsworth’s speaker, if you want to restart your game are “Tit”, “Tittie”, “Titties”, “Unbreakable”, “Sweetpea”, “Sex”, “Sexy”, “Orgasmo” and more. Good on you, Bethesda.

A video by Polygon covers a checklist of various name inputs, including “Mr Fuckface” which again, is a hilarious inclusion by Bethesda. Let us know, has your name been included, or did you go with a similar sounding name, or base it on a character from another game, TV show or movie?

[Source: Reddit, Polygon]

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