The Elder Scrolls Online creative director leaves for Gearbox

GearboxJust weeks after The Elder Scrolls Online launches on Xbox One and PS4, Paul Sage, creative director of the game has quit, to join Borderlands developer Gearbox. We all know about the troubles The Elder Scrolls Online suffered during the early days of it launches on PC last year which inevitably lead to the abandoning of the subscription model, but at the time of writing its unclear exactly what the reasons were for Sage’s departure.

It doesn’t exactly provide a compelling case for MMO’s on console, though The Elder Scrolls Online has been 1 of 3 successful titles to introduce the genre to console gamers. So could the addition of Paul Sage, whose experience has provided Bethesda with invaluable knowledge alongside the game’s director Matt Firor, mean that Borderlands 3 will have a more deeply integrated multiplayer feature(s)?

It is worth noting at this point, that the focus of Gearbox at the moment is heavily invested on FPS MOBA Battleborn so it could be that GearboxSage is being brought in, in hopes that his experience with a multiplayer focused title will be implemented there, but Gearbox are also known to be openly recruiting for the next game in the Borderlands series. Of course, this is the second time this year Bethesda have lost valuable members of their team, after TESO lead gameplay designer Nicholas Konkle left to join League of Legends developer Riot Games back April. Maybe Bethesda should consider a MOBA of their own… After Fallout 4 of course, we don’t want any distractions now do we?

On a personal note I can’t fault Sage for transferring, I’ve often said that if I were to work for any developer it would have to be Gearbox Software. The reason being? Well can you imagine attending a meeting in regards to the early planning of a Borderlands title? “I’ve got a gear idea for loot guys, we hide weapons, equipment, ammo and money in frozen poo.” “Yeah great idea Dave let’s do that”.

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