The Division’s virus extends past New York and into Canada

the division gamesUbisoft have released another collaborative short film based on their super hit, Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s a seven minute story filled with still images being narrated, and it’s grim and depressing. Frightening too.

In the short, it discusses how the pandemic spread into and all over Canada, and what became of the cities and its population. I know it’s only a game, but being based on Operation Dark Winter, and how something like this could one day happen, it’s hard to stomach. Playing The Division, you feel like you’re doing good for the city of New York, while also killing what seems like half of the population at times. Let’s hope the world learns something from this game, and that this fantasy doesn’t become a reality. Alright agents, break is over, back to the frontlines.

As for The Division itself, Ubisoft are onto a winner, with the game being the biggest new release for the publisher, as well as the fastest selling new IP in its first week, toppling Destiny’s record set in 2014. You can read our review in progress here, where Jornny, Rob and Sean discuss our experiences to-date. Back into the Dark Zone we go.

[Source: Youtube]

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