The Division update 1.2 detailed further

Tom Clancy's: The DivisionThe Division’s 1.2 update will add its second Incursion, and despite what is listed on the map so far as requiring a gear score of 220, players will only be required to be at gear score 150. A few details were listed last week, but more have arrived overnight.

In the previous Livestream, we learned about a new Dark Zone division (no pun intended this time), which means there will be more than just a 0-160 and 161+ partition. It was a pain in the ass getting hammered by elite players while struggling to reach a bare minimum of 180, but now players above 200 will have their own area to screw each other over in.

While currently named ‘Broken Circle’, the new incursion will undergo a name change with the next patch. It’s unknown what it will be, and it isn’t said why it will be changed.

The Division

“Massive said that a dedicated update for weapons will be released sometime after update 1.2, and that will have consequences for all weapons types, from SMGs and shotguns to marksman rifles and LMGs,” according to VG247. Other updates and changes coming in The Division’s 1.2 update are as follows:

  • Bug for the Sentry Gear Set automatically targeting players during the Dark Zone will be fixed
  • Bug where players don’t receive weekly rewards for the Falcon Lost Incursion will be fixed
  • Brutal talent will be nerfed
  • Balanced talent will allow quick scoping
  • Forced talent with Sentry Gear Set will change
  • Reckless talent will “work properly”
  • Performance gear mods to be buffed
  • The introduction of a Toughness character stat will combine Health, Armour and Stamina
  • Armour cap will be increased to 75 percent
  • VOIP indicator will now be in the UI

The update is due to arrive sometime this month, so sit tight. Are you still playing The Division or has all the exploitation and cheating caused you to give up on it so soon?

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