The Division’s missing character and backpack bug compensation payouts

the division chartSince the release of The Division, it hasn’t been without its faults or bugs, but it’s generally released in a good, working order. However, some players on Xbox and on other platforms have reported losing their characters, or having their game bug out when equipping a certain backpack. Ubisoft are now reimbursing those who were affected.

If you suffered from the backpack glitch or lost your character for a few days or weeks, then Ubisoft will make your return to New York a little more easy on you. Expect to find 500 Phoenix Credits and 10 of all High-End crafting materials which include fabric, division tech, gun parts, tools and electronics for your disposal.

These reimbursements will be handed out to affected players of The Division over the course of the next two weeks. I would imagine that these items would be located at the resources table between the Medical and the Security wings of the Base of Operations. Perhaps they items will just arrive directly into the inventory of your character. We’ll find out soon enough.

Phoenix credits are certainly harder to come by since the last couple of updates, but there are more ways to acquire them at least. Saving up for 500 of them to buy the most elite gear can be time consuming, but isn’t that the fun part of a loot hunting game?

the division gear sets

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